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2018 // first edition

illustrations by  Michela Bertollo, Karolina Buczek, Claudia Carbonari García, Giulia Cornaggia, Flaminia Della Vecchia, Doron Flamm, Alessandra Forte, Alessandra Moscatelli, Matteo Perdon, Alice Piaggio, Scarabisso, Maryam Tahmasebi, Alberta Torres, Benedetta Claudia Vialli, Weronika Wolska, Chohye Youn committee Enrico Bugin, Ale Giorgini, Ketti Grunchi, Marco Lovato, Sergio Meggiolan conceived and curated by Sergio Meggiolan, Michela Meggiolaro exhibition design Nicola D’Angelo editor and press office Gloria Marini promotion Anna Colella, Silvia Sette, Santi Crispo thanks to De Bernardini Giocattoli, Liceo Artistico “Boscardin”, Bottega Unicomondo, Cooperativa Sociale Edeco, La Casa del Fanciullo

e.mò.ti.con/ illustrate emotion 2018 is a project to explore childhood emotions in which theater, visual art and enhancement of emerging creativity converge.

In collaboration with Associazione Illustri, which sets up in Vicenza one of the major Italian illustration showcases, La Piccionaia launched an international open call for illustrators under 35 about childhood emotions. More than 90 illustrators answered, coming from Italy, France, United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Canada, Russia, Israel, Iran and South Korea. Among the illustrations received, 21 were selected by an expert panel to compose this exhibition, a traveling project that has in Vicenza, in the historic De Bernardini toy.
Among the authors of the shown illustrations, 4 have been awarded Flaminia Della Vecchia, Scarabisso, Alberta Torres, Weronika Wolska – whose works will be pr tagonists of the communication campaigns of 2018/2019 theater projects for children and families by La Piccionaia.
In addiction, the exhibition includes some works realized by the children taking part in La Piccionaia summer camp as part of an artistic and expressive workshop focused on emotions

in 2018 After the launch of the public call, two different and unexpected entities chose to get involved by working on the theme and presenting a series of out of competition illustrations: the II BLA class of “Boscardin” Art School in Vicenza – with the guidan- ce of the teachers Antonella Zerbinati and Giuseppe Vigolo and the University of Fine Arts of Verona student Camilla Riolfi – and the young asylumseekers taking part in the Refugee Integration Project by Cooperativa Edeco / La Casa del Fanciullo in Padua – with the guidance of Luider Vasquez and Adelina Roci. From these experiences, two parallel exhibitions were born, and set up in Astra Theater and Unicomondo / Altromercato Shop by the scenography students at “Boscardin” Art School under the guidance of the teacher Camilla Sala. Two projects that explore the world of emotions from two different points of view, full of additional meanings, linked to the specific contexts in which they were developed.
In addiction, the exhibition includes some works realized by children themselves as part of an arti- stic and expressive summer project by Ketti Grunchi – La Piccionaia, in which emotions were pro- tagonists of workshops and activities, in constant regard to children’s expressive and imaginative needs.

exposed works Refugee Integration Project: Rashid Adamoz, Farhaan Ahmed, Seye Ass, Aboubakar Bagayoko, Souleymane Bah, Faisal Caweer , Sylla Mory, Seck Pape Ndiaga, Bourama Pitha Mane, Kuffour Richard, Bamba Waly

Students of Boscardin Art School:  Erica Battaglia, Alice Bertuzzo, Martina Bisi, Martina Boro, Eva Maria Camon, Martina Cristofori, Bar- bara Danese, Ognjen Djekanovic, Camilla Esosito, Gloria Ferronato, Emma Festa, Anita Francis, Gloria Furlan, Giulia Pavan, Sofia Piai, Ofelia Piazza, Angela Trivini Bellini, Pietro Vannozzi, Beatrice Viero, Milena Zoppello

children of summer project by La Piccionaia:Jacopo Federico Angerer, Carlotta Benini, Luca Bernardi, Alice Bernardi, Celeste Sofia Bertorelle, Fabrizio Capanna, Chiara Capanna, Beatrice Casarotto, Eleonora Casarotto, Emma Casarotto, Sara Chemello, Paola Chemello, Irene Chemello, Carolina Coin, Adelina Da Schio, Viola Dalla Grana, Marc Anthony De Pascali, Alvise Degli Agostini, Rachele Ferrante, Michele Vincenzo Fornaro, Francesco Gamberini, Giovanni Giffi, Miriam Giffi, Viola Gorgoglione, Landro Lobe, Leonardo Magrin, Arianna Magrin, Chiara Marchiori, Matilde Marolato, Beatrice Maron, Caterina Maron, Riccardo Mazzola, Bea- trice Mitrofan, Gordon Morris, Benjamin Mullen, Sophie Naclerio, Ginevra Naclerio, Giorgia Pavan, Ne- sil Pekkirisci, Giada Pellizzari, Iris Recchia, Lucia Rossi, Giuseppe Sbalchiero, Samoa Scarnà, Isabel Thomson, Massimo Toniolo, Caterina Toniolo, Beatrice Sofia Vignato, Aurora Zampieri, Daniel Zampieri, Sara Zuccon, Faris Zuccon, Aldo Zuccon

La Piccionaia Centro di Produzione Teatrale is a theatre company based in Vicenza that has always been committed to the promotion of young generations through theater and performative languages. We strongly believe in contamination between different forms of art and we think that, just like theater, art of illustration can be a way to better understand the emotional substance that emerges when a child discovers something new, something that amazes and surprises him, or scares him or makes him angry. What are emotions made of? What shape do they have? What color are they? How are they expressed? What are they for?

And it is exactly with art of illustration that La Piccionaia has chosen to put in dialogue his theatre project for childhood, starting a reflection about the meaning of images, especially referred to young generations. This is how /e.mò.ti.con/ illustrate emotion was born: a project to explore childhood emotions in which theater, visual art and enhancement of emerging talents converge.

In collaboration with Associazione Illustri, which sets up in Vicenza one of the major Italian illustration showcases, we launched an open call for illustrators under 35 about childhood emotionsfanzia.